Elder Law Success Story in Cincinnati

Elder law attorneys assist individuals and families in developing estate plans to avoid depleting their assets should they become ill and need long term care. For those individuals who are already in a nursing home, elder law attorneys can help them qualify for Medicaid benefits while maximizing the amount of money they are able keep.
When an individual comes into our Cincinnati, Blue Ash or West Chester offices after having placed their spouse in a nursing home, they are often fearful of having to spend one-half of all of their assets. It is a wonderful feeling to be able to tell them, “don’t worry…you can keep more of your life savings and still qualify your spouse for Medicaid.” Often times, however, by the time individuals meet with us, they have already needlessly spent thousands of dollars simply because they weren’t educated on the Medicaid rules.
Naturally, in times of crisis such as placing your loved one in a nursing home, an elder law attorney is not the first person with whom most people discuss their concerns. It is usually a social worker at a hospital or a nursing home, a family friend, neighbor or sometimes a financial planner. So, when a social worker or financial planner invests the time with families and recognizes the need for a person to seek the advice of an elder law attorney, this can mean not only saving the family thousands of dollars…but it can also mean giving the family total peace of mind.
Many of you on our mailing list have helped more families than you will ever realize. We thought we would take this opportunity to share with an examples of the difference you’ve made in their lives.
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Mr. and Mrs. Smith had assets (not including their home) of approximately $220,000.  Mrs. Smith entered a nursing home in July 2011 and paid her own way for one year. The family heard from a friend they could make annual gifts of $12,000 per year per person to each of their two children. So, they gifted $48,000 on their own — without any legal advice. When the family came to our office we advised them to return all the gifts they had made or else they would need to pay for another six months of nursing home expenses out of their own pocket. Next, we re-applied for Medicaid in July 2012. Mrs. Smith received Medicaid benefits immediately. In this case, due to the advice of the social worker (along with our legal assistance) the family was able to save over $64,000!