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Five stars. Two thumbs up. I don’t know how I would have gotten through my mom’s Medicaid application process without Moshe Toron. He is deeply knowledgeable, always quick in responding to my questions, and both thorough and patient in answering. I highly recommend working with him.

Diane Amelia



Dear Mr. Toron:

If I was able, I would just retain you for life. No one else has gotten this [Medicaid explanation] through my head. I never thought it possible to miss a lawyer. Thank you soooo much.




Mr. Toron is wonderful. He has helped me with all the legal documents for my mother and has been there for me every step of the way. I would highly recommend this law firm for any elderly questions. He has help with legal representation especially with the nursing home and any questions I had whether they be big or small. I thank God that I found him.

Sheri Sweeney



Thank You From Our Family.

Given that we just paid $9,000 for four months in the nursing home, as opposed to what we could have been expected to pay, conceivably about $9,000 per month, your skilled intervention and guidance on our behalf is just beginning to be realized. Thank you for all that you have done for our parents.




Highly Recommend Toron Law Firm.

When I faced the difficult decision to place both of my parents in a nursing facility between the fall of 2013 and spring of 2014, the only option was Medicaid. Since they owned a home, I had no idea how to proceed with all of Medicaid’s rules and how to go about selling their home and properly handle their money.

I heard about Mr. Toron through ProSeniors, a non-profit organization that are advocates for the elderly. I called his law firm in January of 2015, two months after my mom passed away. After our first meeting, I strongly wished I had known about him and contacted him at the very beginning, for I was misguided and given wrong information! I was immediately given peace of mind that everything was now going to be handled the right way.

Email correspondence was convenient for me, and he was always very prompt at answering the many questions I had along the way. My dad passed away three months after our first meeting, and I have no second guessing about any of the services he provided in settling my parents’ affairs! I would recommend The Toron Law Firm in a heartbeat to anyone who may find themselves in a similar situation.




Wonderful Attorney.

I have the highest respect for this bright and knowledgeable attorney who handled Both of my parents Wills. He was efficient and Always got back to me ASAP. He got us through some tough situations and was always there for me! One of the best!


Sharon Steuer


Mr. Toron:

Our family can’t begin to thank you enough for all the help you gave us while we were trying to get Medicaid approved for our Mother. We spent months trying to work through the bureaucracy without any success.

You were able to help us with and get Medicaid approved in a short time period. We were given your name by Pro Seniors and are thankful every day that we contacted you.

Our Mother is now in a very nice facility with your help and we would recommend you to anyone that is going through the Medicaid, or other senior related issues.

Carol Cisko


I want to highly recommend Mr. Toron for any legal estate help, especially in creating Trusts. Mr. Toron helped me create two Trusts for my mother. Mom was in her 80’s when we visited him and I have to say she was very nervous. However, Mr. Toron immediately made her feel at ease with his knowledge and kind understanding that this was a tough decision. He made her feel like she was the most important component in the mix. I knew that was true when we left the office and she smiled stating how good it felt to “have a lawyer on her side!”

As the Trustee, I didn’t appreciate the Trusts fully until we had to deal with them after her death. I was surprised at how easy it was to obtain the funds we needed and also deal with the distribution of the remaining funds to my 7 siblings and a nephew.

But, I especially want to thank Mr. Toron for helping us create the “house” trust. The sale of the house to my brother was worrisome for me as in any family dynamic, it can be tricky. But the Trust made it easy. I was able to be the “Trustee” without compromising my compassion for my brother, who was very attached and wanted to buy the house.

I greatly appreciate all the answers to my many emails, the understanding that this was not an easy process for mom, and that Mr. Toron never made me feel like any of my concerns were unwarranted. I highly recommend Mr. Toron especially in these times of need for legal clarity.

Thank you so much for all your help.

Mary Toebbe


Dear Mr. Toron:

I want to express my gratitude for your assistance in helping me organize my parents’ finances and for guiding me through the process of qualifying my Dad for Medicaid.

When we first spoke, I was overwrought with worry about being in charge of their life’s savings and about the avalanche of bills coming from hospitals, rehab centers and nursing homes. I had no experience in these matters and was
feeling quite desperate. When I moved my parents to be near me, it was so I could help them. I wanted to ease their minds about their finances and make sure they were well cared for. I really had no idea how much this would entail,
and how it would impact my own family.

I really appreciated that you very quickly responded to my call, that you were almost immediately available to meet, and were able to efficiently propose a solution to these overwhelming issues. This gave me the opportunity to spend
quality time with my parents and love them and help them, which is what they deserve. I will always be grateful for that opportunity.

You are a very intelligent and kind man Mr. Toron. I will never hesitate to refer to you anyone I meet who may need the kind of services you provide.

Also on behalf of my parents and my family, I thank you from the bottom of my


Mary Vanderloo


“From my first meeting with Moshe I knew I was in good hands. His expertise in Elder Law and maneuvering the Medicaid system is unsurpassed. He was always responsive to all my e-mails and questions with professionalism and kindness. We could not have gotten Medicaid for my father without his help. I highly recommend The Toron Law Firm.”


Mary A. Stewart


“I highly recommend Moshe. We learned of Moshe through Pro Seniors. After our initial consultation with him, we hired him to assist us in our efforts to move our parents onto Medicaid. Moshe recommended several options, and worked with the State to implement the option we chose. Things could not have gone better. He was very thorough and responsive to all our requests. He represented us very well. Thanks again Moshe!”


Frank Gallenstein Jr. and Family


“A big THANK YOU for getting things accomplished in what I think was a very short time period. I attribute that to your expertise in the Medicaid application process and forms, and to the preparation of the documents and data that were required.  I assure you that I will steer others to you as their needs arrive. Also, if need be, feel free to have potential clients contact me as one of your satisfied customers!!”


Garry McGee


“Recently our family was faced with a very stressful and emotional situation. With Moshe’s wealth of knowledge in the area of Elder Law, we were able to solve some of the complicated processes which seemed to be insurmountable to us at the onset. We found him to be very methodical, extremely detail oriented and decisive. He always listened intently and was responsive to all of our questions and concerns. Yes, it is a business to him, but, we always felt that he never forgot the ‘human factor’.”

Would recommend “The Toron Law Firm” without reservation.


Ellen Lencyk and Family, hired Moshe as an attorney in 2010.


“My mother, after suffering a stroke, had to give up her independence and move to a nursing home. Since I am an only child, the managing of all of her affairs fell to me. When it came to applying for Medicaid for her, I was clueless. Moshe expertly navigated me through the maze of paperwork, patiently answering all of my questions. Moshe has that rare combination of keen intelligence plus compassion. I have since recommended him to several friends who are taking care of elderly parent(s).”

June 11, 2012

Karen Haney, hired Moshe as an attorney in 2010.


“I have known Moshe personally for some time and have had the occasion to refer clients to him. Moshe practices in a very specialized area of elder law that I do not, particularly Medicaid planning for nursing homes. Recently I referred two of my clients to Moshe. In each case the issue involved a family member in a nursing home. In both cases, the clients informed me of their satisafaction with Moshe and indicated that he found ways to save the families thousands of dollars in nursing home costs. Both families were extremely happy with the services they received. Over time, I have found Moshe to be professional, reputable, well informed and caring. I will continue to recommend Moshe to other families with similar needs with a firm belief that he will provide the highest level of care.”

May 23, 2012

Steven L. Schwartz, Attorney, Robertson, Geiser & Longano, LLC, was with another company when working with Moshe at The Toron Law Firm


“I most enthusiastically endorse Moshe Toron. Faced with dealing with applying for Medicaid for my Grandmother, I was clueless as to how to navigate the complicated and overwhelming process. Moshe explained the procedure in terms that I could understand and walked me through the entire process taking care of the details at every step. Moshe kept me informed and responded to every question and concern promptly and professionally. Moshe’s representation on my behalf ensured a successful outcome. I highly recommend him to anyone who needs legal assistance in the area of Elder Law.”

April 9, 2012

Top qualities: Expert, On Time, High Integrity

Kim Slaton, hired Moshe as a Attorney in 2012


“Moshe has a solid grasp of elder care law. He has helped our family navigate through a complex process and in compliance with Medicaid. I would recommend him to anyone in need of similar help.”

April 3, 2012

Top qualities: Expert, Good Value, High Integrity

Nathan Sax, hired Moshe as a Attorney in 2007


“My family and I have used Moshe on several occasions. I would highly recommend him. Moshe is knowledgeable, honest, kind & professional. He is an expert in elder law and estate planning. He has a wonderful heart for seniors and their families and is very patient and understanding.”

December 19, 2011

Top qualities: Personable, Expert, Good Value

Barry Nagler, hired Moshe as a Attorney in 2010, and hired Moshe more than once


“We engaged Moshe to advise my parents as we prepare them to qualify for Medicaid and plan for their future. It is a very complex process and Moshe clearly knows the finer points of the law. He has been kind, helpful, expert and very respectful of my aging and sometimes addled parents. Our situation felt especially complicated since we aren’t dealing with a lot of assets, and Moshe’s knowledge has been the key to making sure they will be comfortable for the remainder of their lives. Our investment in his services has saved us thousands of dollars, literally. I would highly recommend Moshe to anyone in need of an Elder Law Attorney.”

November 16, 2011

Top qualities: Expert, High Integrity, Creative

Kelly Reilly Bailey, hired Moshe as a Attorney in 2009, and hired Moshe more than once


“Moshe is easy to work with and very thorough in his approach. What impresses me is his ability to really listen to his client’s needs and then formulate a plan that works and makes sense. Moshe has helped several of my clients position their assets properly, thus avoiding costly mistakes.”

May 11, 2010
Gary Albert, CLTC, Owner, Integrated Planning, was with another company when working with Moshe at The Toron Law Firm


“Moshe has provided long-term care or Medicaid planning for some of our elderly clientele and the results have been excellent. Moshe is one of only a few experts in the Medicaid field in our region and is a great asset to the Cincinnati elder law community. We are proud to work with him.”

November 3, 2008

Josh Shapiro, Vice President/Trust Officer, First Financial Bank, was with another company when working with Moshe at The Toron Law Firm

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